Improving the Beet It user journey

Beet It Organic and Beet It Sport are beetroot drinks produced in Suffolk by James White Drinks.

Beet It Organic, which is certified organic by the Soil Association caters for the health conscious, while Beet It Sport is targeted solely at the endurance sport market. 

The priorities were to make the website more informative, whilst vastly improving the navigation in order to create a more robust user journey

The biggest challenge was communicating that whilst the products are both beetroot drinks – sharing the same research and ingredients – they actually have very different uses. To differentiate this to the visitor from the outset, the Beet It team were very particular about showing the two ranges side by side. This was eventually achieved through a full width gallery, with carefully placed imagery, which looks great on both desktop and mobile.

To help with the differentiation, we turned the homepage into a ‘gateway’, channelling visitors to the most relevant product for their interest. Thereafter users can then look at specific ranges, or if they know what they are looking for, they can click straight through to specific products.

From there they can click through to buy direct or they can investigate the benefits of beetroot juice further with insight and research. Finally, they can delve into the community.

This navigation created a specific journey, allowing people to find individual products with just one click – a feature not possible with the previous website.


Collateral design

Beet It Sport Leaflet


I worked closely with the Beet It Sport Specialist to design an informative leaflet which needed to target three audiences: prospective customers at trade and consumer shows, together with active customers. 

We needed to communicate some very complex science in layman’s terms, include all product nutritional information, general usage and dosing guidelines, research and also testimonials. We chose an A4 folded leaflet, folding to A5, so it slips neatly into a pocket at a show and fits perfectly in the product case.

Beet It Sport Leaflet.jpg